Historias de éxito

Tracy Thao Ho, USA

Before QuiAri Champion Promoter, Tracy Thao Ho moved to Seattle, she was working 16+ hour days as a Garment Exporter in Vietnam. Her mother introduced her to Network Marketing and she committed to the industry 100%. After moving to Seattle, she discovered QuiAri.

“I moved to Seattle to help grow my business and heard about QuiAri through some friends. They raved about losing weight through QuiAri Products and earning extra income instantly after each sale. The more I learned about QuiAri, the more I fell in love with the company. Industry-first 5-minute pay, proprietary products with the #1 superfruit, Maqui and MaquiX® extract, a generous Compensation Plan with 7 ways to earn, global expansion in over 100 countries worldwide… I could clearly see why more people were choosing QuiAri above anything else,” stated Champion Promoter, Tracy Thao Ho.

Tracy’s success at QuiAri has been fast and furious. She’s climbing the ranks quickly and is getting closer to reaching the top rank of Purple Diamond.

“This is the game-changer everyone in the industry has been looking for. I’m having fun, earning extra income, and feeling the healthiest I’ve ever been,” said Tracy Thao Ho.

Ten en cuenta que la oportunidad comercial de QuiAri ofrece un potencial de ganancias ilimitado. Sin embargo, QuiAri no garantiza en modo alguno el éxito financiero. Lograr el éxito con QuiAri depende solo del éxito en las ventas, lo que requiere duro trabajo, diligencia, habilidad, persistencia, competencia y liderazgo. Tus ingresos dependerán de hasta qué punto ostentes dichas cualidades.

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  • 9 am - 5 pm (hora del este [EST] de los EE. UU.)

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