Historias de éxito

Anderson Chester, Trinidad & Tobago

A knock on the door introduced QuiAri Promoter, Anderson Chester to the Network Marketing industry. He was working as a Door-To-Door Salesperson and happened to meet Dr. Wayne Dellamore. Dr. Dellamore ended up selling him on the Network Marketing Industry. He quit his job the very next day. Today, Anderson and Dr. Dellamore are still friends and both QuiAri Promoters.

“I thought to myself, this company is a real game-changer: Industry-first Same Day Pay, global shipping in days, not weeks, breakthrough products, and a generous Compensation Plan. This is what the world needs right now – better health and Instant Pay. I believe everything rises and falls on leadership. I was blown away by everybody in my Upline, from my Sponsor, Super Star Desire Nongol to his Sponsor, Mr. Rob Roder, and the entire Executive Team, however, I was most impressed by our Founder & CEO, Mr. Bob Reina. The vision Mr. Bob Reina has for this company, and his compassion for people all over the world is inspiring,” said Anderson Chester.

Anderson is eager to achieve his dream lifestyle through QuiAri. He feels he’s in the right place at the right time.

“Rarely do you see companies with the infrastructure and leadership like QuiAri, and usually they are much larger and have been around for decades. The next 5-10 years are going to be nothing short of magical,” said Anderson Chester.

Ten en cuenta que la oportunidad comercial de QuiAri ofrece un potencial de ganancias ilimitado. Sin embargo, QuiAri no garantiza en modo alguno el éxito financiero. Lograr el éxito con QuiAri depende solo del éxito en las ventas, lo que requiere duro trabajo, diligencia, habilidad, persistencia, competencia y liderazgo. Tus ingresos dependerán de hasta qué punto ostentes dichas cualidades.

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  • Horario: Lunes a viernes
  • 9 am - 5 pm (hora del este [EST] de los EE. UU.)

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